Grow your likes , Engage your customers & Grow your brand.

Times are changing. No longer is it enough to just have a facebook page. Facebook demands compelling content. That means if you are not posting content that "engages" your users with likes and comments then no one see's your posts. Sad but true. Do no worry that is where we come in. Not only can we take over the labor intensive task of posting, creating and updating your social media. We know what users want. After years of managing our internal pages for traffic generation we are offering our services to brands like yours.


Take a look in your facebook feed. Do you notice what people are sharing most? Videos. Videos are the hottest thing online. If you want to reach a wide audience you need to start posting videos. Not only will they increase your SEO traffic but the viral share this is huge.



Targetting content and times to get your user "engaged"


We create content your users want to like and share.


Get your messaged out at the best times and on the best platforms.


We compare posting views, likes, clicks and comments and target what is working.
(we cant tell you exactly what the "special sauce is" you will see)

Our Clients

Pricing and Packages

Starter Package

  • 2 x 1 hour skype strategy sessions
  • 30 posts a month
  • 2 videos, 20 sec to 60 sec long YOU SUPPLY the content
  • 3 hours a month Replying to comments and questions.
  • Spam deletion and banning
  • Custom header graphics
  • Monthly reports

Enterprise Package

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  • Custom Services
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Media Buying
  • Reputation Management
  • Custom Video Production Starting at $299